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Access to an accredited trial and court specialist with 30 years of experience.
Arrests, searches, Police interviews.

Attendances at:
Arrests, Police interviews, Execution of search warrants, ICAC, National Crime Authority, NSW Crime Commission, Royal Commissions

Searches take place at all hours. An inexperienced and frightened client will try and talk his way out of trouble and may achieve the opposite. It is vital that from the outset legal advice is there to protect a client.

Knowing Your Rights

When stopped by the police whether in a car or otherwise you MUST do the following:

  • Only give your name and address and ask if you can speak to your solicitor and don’t say anything else until you have spoken to me.
  • Never invite or agree to a police search of your person, car or house. Object loudly but do not hinder them as that is an offence and don’t go with police unless you are arrested.
  • If you are arrested, do not give an interview or make any statement and don’t go on camera even to confirm you don’t want to give an interview or agree to giving a DNA swab or fingerprints or participating a lineup.
  • There are now new Rules as to your Right to Silence that will require you speaking to your solicitor and getting advice as to your rights.
    Remember – get advice first from Michael Bowe.

Music Festivals & Drugs

If you have been detected by a police sniffer dog at a Music Festival and arrested by the police, experienced the embarrassment of being searched and DRUGS found in your possession then contact Michael Bowe whose prowess and experience in drug cases is highly regarded with outstanding results.

Whether it be possession or supply, Border Controlled Drugs, the AFP or NSW police, you cannot beat a well drilled, polished defence. Michael Bowe will deliver it.

Bail Applications

Preparing Bail Applications – Local Court, Supreme Court or pending appeal. The prospects of retaining liberty can considerably be improved by asserting the client’s rights in the period immediately prior to their arrest and by the effective preparation and presentation of a Bail Application.

The Bail Act has been recently amended, briefly in that it requires that bail for certain serious offences be refused unless the accused Show Cause why detention is not justified.

It also requires the Bail Authority to consider additional material for the unacceptable risk test for all offence and categorises the matters the court must consider. The New Bail Act 2015 also introduces Flow Charts for the Bail decision and special rules for certain offences.

The Court & Trial Process

Being an effective and potent court or trial lawyer means strategizing the case forensically and analysing it thoroughly for each minor detail. So from the beginning of the hearing a lawyer must know how his final address to a Judge or Jury will sound [he must have a case theory] and then run the case, lead the evidence, cross-examine the prosecution witnesses in a manner that he is able to present the evidence for his final and persuasive remarks in accordance with the case theory.

The drafting and securing of statements, preparing accurate documents for litigation liaising with witness applications to cross-examining witnesses, knowing and researching the law. Having the latest internet and legal research technology, a large database, a large legal library, case base and system information systems.

This information is readily available with Michael Bowe.

Expert Witnesses

Successful court results may require well planned interaction with scientific, forensic, DNA, fingerprints, coronial, medical, pathology and ballistic experts.

To understand the complexities of the cause of criminal behaviour such as attention deficit and hyperactive disorder and post traumatic and stress disorders requires psychiatric solutions through the use of forensic psychiatrists.

Years of experience in defending the accused in all types of crimes leads to an innate understanding and anticipation of what is required for an all embracing defence. We have and do use the world’s best experts, doctors, professors from Australia and the USA.