expert in nsw traffic law

Michael Bowe specialises in all aspects of traffic law including the offences:

  • Drink driving – high range PCA, middle range PCA, low range PCA, special range.
  • DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol or a drug.
  • Drug driving – having illicit illegal drugs in your body fluids.
  • Refusing breath test or breath analysis.
  • Wilfully alter the concentration of alcohol.
  • Driving whilst disqualified, suspended or cancelled.
  • Dangerous driving, negligent driving, reckless driving, predatory driving.
  • Dangerous – DUI driving and negligent driving causing death or grievous bodily harm.
  • Speeding offences – camera detected, radar detected, automatic suspensions.
  • Street racing and burnouts including vehicle confiscations.
  • Licence appeals.
  • RTA habitual offender declaration appeals.
With Traffic Offences We Go The Extra Mile

Michael has 30 years of experience and knowledge navigating clients through the perils of the current NSW Roads and Traffic legislation. If you have been charged with a driving offence or traffic offence, if you need your licence or want to protect it or get your licence then call Michael to make an appointment and he will be glad to assist you and offer you smart advice with your licence problem. It may be important to obtain expert crash or traffic advice and reports where necessary. Our aim is to protect your most valued asset. We aim to do this by appearing in court, negotiating with the prosecution and putting your case in the most favourable light.

Drink Driving & PCA

Drink Driving is regarded by the courts as a serious criminal offence which can carry a period of imprisonment. Clearly any appearance in court should be addressed by an experienced and skillful advocate. Michael’s many years of appearing in these matters fully arms him with the knowledge and ability to prepare, analyse and to have the capacity to persuasively and convincingly produce the ultimate result in your defence or plea. It may even mean that you don’t lose your licence due to Section 10 of the Crime Sentencing and Procedure Act.

Section 10. Dismiss Submissions. No Points Lost

Section 10 of the Crime Sentencing and Procedure Act is available to all provided it is applied for judiciously. The key to its philosophy is the admission of guilt, the demonstration of contrition for the offence, either traffic or criminal and a combination of mediating features. The latter needs to be explored with each client, presented skillfully to the court and submissions developed to meet each offence. It is a section that is used cautiously by Magistrates and Judges alike but its important use has been emphasised recently in the judgement of Rv Maugher in the Supreme Court. When used appropriately a client can plead guilty to an offence and have the Magistrate/Judge not proceed to conviction and dismiss the case. In the case of Traffic Matters this means No Loss of Points.